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  1. Richard

    A wonderful and enchanting experience with Sati, an exquisite and quite beautiful lady. She came into the room, full of life and excitement, the prospect of spending some quality time with me, wearing a huge beautiful smile. Unbeknown to me at the time, she’d taken time out to select the music to play during our session. Having found this out, I was flattered and humbled as I so often am. I could think of only one thing, we are here and it is now. And so we began. Into the back massage, wonderful, delicate and delightful. Sati places her body directly on top of mine and it’s time for us to bring our breathing and bodies into unison, she holds my hands and remains still on top of me. She loves to massage my back and tease me, nipples erect surrounded by the most beautiful firm but soft breast. I like to look into her eyes, the windows to the soul, right into them. They’re like deep endless pools of delight and I find myself fascinated by looking straight into her wonders. She catches me doing this and gives me eye contact back, which makes both us smile at each other. I go into a kind of meditation, a focus, pure and structured, my only concentrations are to the music which surrounds us and feel of her gentle touch, everything else is just superfluous.

  2. M

    This is my second massage with Erolinne. The first was with my husband, however I decided to come on my own this time. My massage was with Sate. She is a beautiful woman both inside and out with the kindest and gentlest touch and not to mention the most divine body. Throughout the first hour I was slightly nervous, but slowly Sate eased out of all the pain and worries with her loving caresses. I read up on tantric massages and saw that it is very good for women who have been abused, to heal the emotional and sexual scars. This massage did just that. When we moved to the yoni massage, Sate intuited what my body needed and moved as my body did and brought me to the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced. It felt as if my body no longer existed, more of a healing experience rather than a seedy one. At the end of the massage she placed her hand on my heart and the other on my Yoni. I began to cry and all of the pain of the past released in convulsions. I opened my eyes to see her kneeled beside me in a meditative state, almost as if she was taking out all of my prior pain and releasing it from both me and in turn her. The ladies here are true Godesses and really believe in what they are doing. Not many women I assume would visit this website, however if any of the men reading this have women in their lives who are a little wound up due to daily stresses or like me have been abused.. reach out to them and show them there is a way out. Trust me they will love you for it. This method of healing should be more well known. I feel free and happy and 2 days later still floating on my inner goddess energy that Sate helped me unlock. M xx

  3. Mark

    I just wanted to thank Alana for the fantastic massage again this evening. This was my third visit and second massage with Alana. The three hours went by so quick! It really was a wonderful massage and I left totally relaxed. The range of sensations I experienced was truly amazing. Alana is such a wonderful person, I am so pleased to have met her and I can't wait to visit again soon. Mark

  4. erolinne

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We know that such experiences are very complex and leave deep impressions and that’s why it is hard to express them. You are mostly welcome to visit us again, as each experience is unique.